Is your roof too large to be done in pre-fabricated timber or are you shipping roofs into Africa and paying dearly for transport? Maybe you wish to supply low-cost roofs or simply prefer non-combustible roof structures? Whatever your need – Ultra-Span® offers the solution!

Your local MiTek licensed fabricator can provide you with design and pricing information on Ultra-Span® utilizing state of the art MiTek 20/20® software, alternatively your MiTek regional offices will gladly assist.

Ultra-Span® trusses can be supplied in “kit-form” (low-cost housing or other remote projects) whereby trusses are assembled on site (contributing to local skills transfer and employment), or in pre fabricated form ready for installation on the roof.

Brochures and Downloads

MiTek Brochures
MiTek CG4315 Ultra-Span Brochure
MiTek Ultra-Span Brochure