Granric Flexiwool Insulation is manufactured from high quality non-combustible flexible Glasswool with an inert binder which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient.


  • Easy to install due to its light weight
  • Energy savings that will last a lifetime
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal properties
  • Transport and storage is optimised through its compression packaging
  • Use and application is user friendly
  • When used in combination with already installed ceiling insulation, as a top-up, customers can reach the new building requirements

Fire Properties:

  • Tested to SANS 10177 Part 5. Non-combustible.

Handling and Storage:

Product needs to be stored in dry conditions and under cover.

Ensure product is handled with care and do not apply excessive pressure. Take special care not to damage the cocrners or edges with sharp or heavy objects. Do not stand or sit on the product, as this will cause permanent damage.

Physical Properties

Thickness R-Value (M² K/W) K-Value (W/m.K) Roll Lengths
50mm 1.29 0.0389 25m
75mm 1.93 0.0386 18m
100mm 2.57 0.0386 12m
135mm 3.47 0.0386 10m

Tools needed for installation:

Wooden plank to prevent damage to the ceiling, tape measure and wood saw.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Use the wooden plank to move around in the ceiling. No not step onto the ceiling boaard, as this will damage the board or you may fall through the ceiling.
  2. Measure the distance between rood trusses with the measuring tape.
  3. Whilst Flexiwool is still in its wrapping cut the product to the measured width with the wood saw, to fit between the trusses.
  4. Now roll out the Flexiwool between the roof trusses, onto your ceiling board. Flexiwool should run underneath writing. To prevent overheating of light fittings, cut around any down lights.
  5. To prevent pipes freezing in winter, use off-cuts to wrap around the pipes.