Factorylite is an effective commercial and industrial roofing insulation. It is manufactured from high quality, non-combustible, flexible Glasswool. With the addition of an inert binder, the product is lightweight, safe and resilient. Factorylite is faced on one side with either a reinforced foil or white metalised foil.


  • Compression packed – to reduce volume and optimise transport and storage.
  • Significantly reduces heat loss/gain.
  • Suitable for high humidity applications.
  • Made to size to reduce wastage.
  • Long product life - will not readily age.
  • Lifelong energy savings.
  • Helps to prevent condensation.
  • Maintenance free.

Applications (Industrial Roof Insulation):

  • Over purlin installation (new buildings).
  • Should not be installed in applications where the facing material is exposed to direct or indirect ultraviolet radiation.

Technical Specifications

Thickness Density Width (M) *Lengths (M) R-Value (M² K/W)
50mm 11 kg/m³ 1.2m 5m - 30m 1.28
75mm 11 kg/m³ 1.2m 5m - 20m 1.92
100mm 11 kg/m³ 1.2m 5m - 15m 2.56
135mm 11 kg/m³ 1.2m 5m - 10m 3.46