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Youngman Roofing manufactures the following profiles:

  • Diamondek
  • Snaplok &
  • Nailstrip Profiles
Download Diamondek Brochure (PDF)
Snaplok & Nailstrip Profiles

The sheet profiles are rolled on a Schlebach Quadro which is manufactured by Schlebach Maschinen GmbH.

The mill is a mobile unit which means that longer lengths can be rolled on site for easier handling. In addition, the mill can be relocated onto the roof so as to eliminate the transport of finished roof sheets up multi-story buildings.


Schlebach Quadro Machine

Schlebach Maschinen GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and devices for standing seam technology with distributorships in over 29 countries.

As a result of continuous investment, Schlebach has turned into an extremely modern and powerful company in the last 25 years. They now employ 140 employees on 6500 sq m of production area. The company is based in Friedewald which lies in the Westerwald area of Germany.

In concealed fix systems, the clips and fixings are covered by the roof panels. Therefore, the clips are not exposed to weather. This reduces incidence of rust and reduces probability of leaks which occur around external fixing points i.e. nails or screws.

All of our profiles have been tested by the USA Underwriters Laboratories and subsequently endorsed by SABS and have received exceptional ratings. The SABS tested and endorsed the sheeting in accordance with the Dade County, Florida Hurricane requirements which require resistance to 220kph winds

The profiles are available in the following materials:


Youngman Roofing currently offers 4 different concealed fix profiles to suit various commercial, industrial and residential needs.

The profiles offered are:

Snap Lock 38.1mm
Nail Strip 38.1mm
Soffit Panel 22.2mm
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