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The Soffit panel is well suited to side cladding and decorative purposes over existing structures or in internal applications but restricted to commercial application and to a lesser extend, industrial application.
Common examples of current usage would be:
forecourt canopies
petrol garage forecourts
industrial decking systems
cold storage panels, or
vertical cladding on the sides of buildings.
The Soffit panel has a height of 22.2mm and an adjustable rebate size (between 10mm and 25mm), giving it the ability to be tailored to suit specific needs.
The Soffit panel utilizes no clips – the panels interlock.
The Soffit panel is an extremely attractive panel to enhance the image of any buildings or structures.


Image: Soffit Panels with adjustable rebate widths.
The blue example (left) is a small rebate while the green example (right) is a larger rebate.

Soffit Panels with adjustable rebate widths


Image: The technical drawing of a Soffit Panel 22.2mm high with an adjustable rebate of 10mm –25mm.
The adjustable rebate is determined by the bottom right hand side measurement.

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