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This concealed fix profile is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications with roof pitches between and 45° with purlin centers around 1m.
This profile is extremely popular for residential applications owing its attractiveness as well as to the speed and simplicity of erection.
In concealed fix systems, the clips and fixings are covered by the roof panels. Therefore, the clips are not exposed to weather. This reduces incidence of rust and reduces probability of leaks which occur around external fixing points i.e. nails or screw
There is no unsightly visual impact owing to protruding fixing screws or nails.
Competitively priced in relation to other locking systems.
Snap Lock is stronger than other locking systems:
tested and endorsed by SABS in accordance with the Dade County, Florida Hurricane requirements which require resistance to 220kph winds
by virtue of the fact that the clip overlaps the top of one sheet and is locked into place by the locking system of the next sheet.


Image: 38.1mm Snap Lock profile with 2 equally spaced stiffening ridges.
The clip lies beneath the panels (and between the nail head and purlin) and goes between ridges, bending over and terminating in the left inside cavity where it is protected by the next laid sheet.

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